Bone china clay

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Bone china clay
Manufactured Resource
Resourcessmall bones or large bones
Toolsstone, bronze or regular hammer,
Machinerykiln or small kiln
Methods of  manufacturing
stone table
400g bone ash, 200g stone, 200g clay

Made by mixing bone ash, stone and clay on a stone table.

Used for making bone chinaware.

Uses for bone china clay

Porcelain clay can be used to make:

Real World Context

Bone china is a type of translucent "porcelain" substitute that is composed of bone ash along with minerals like feldspar, and a type of clay called kaolin (Al2Si2O5(OH)4). It is stronger than traditional porcelain, having very high mechanical and physical strength and chip resistance, and is known for its high levels of whiteness and translucency. This allows thinner cross-sections than other types of porcelain. Like stoneware it is vitrified, but is translucent due to differing mineral properties.

In the UK, references to "china" or "porcelain" can refer to bone china, and "English porcelain" has been used as a term for it, both in the UK and around the world.