Blueberry cotton candy

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Blueberry cotton candy
Manufactured Resource
Methods of  manufacturing
cotton candy machine
300 grams of sugar, 10 grams of blueberry juice, 10 grams of rice paper,
10 grams of propane

Decreases tiredness 0.20% per 100g.

Blueberry cotton candy is a type of candy made from spun sugar flavored with blueberry juice using a cotton candy machine. Like its plain predecessor, boring old cotton candy, a cone of rice paper for the candy and a little propane to melt the sugar and run the machine is all you'll need for this fun treat.

While all cotton candy is delicious in its own way, it is not very high in nutrition. In fact, it doesn't have any nutritional value at all. However, that sugar buzz will wake you up for a while by reducing a bit of your tiredness by 0.20%.


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