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The first thing you should know about weapons and protection is that Cantr II is not a "Hack and Slash" game. Even so, new weapons and shields are being added to not only add variety to your armament selection, but also to help role play your character. In Cantr, effectiveness of a weapon is not only decided by the character's health and tiredness but skill and strength and which of these the weapon benefits more from, such as bows usually require high skill to reach their full potential and bladed weapons usually require high strength. Still, there is more randomness to how effective a weapon will be that is added to this which falls into a range, this usually stays within the average of the character, but in an extremely rare chance, it can cause damage far beyond, or below, what is normal for the character. It is reasonable to expect the same behavior from shields when protecting yourself from damage. You can only attack an individual once per day. However, in any society, there are instances when violence is necessary.

Training Weapons

Not everyone is spawned with natural talents in combat. Even those who are, might wish to increase their abilities, but they will quickly find that training with weapons will carry a heavy price in healing food, thus, weapons that do minimal damage were made. But they are not just weapons, items such as tools, furniture and even parts to tools can do low damage, enough to use to train.

There are far more used for training, depending on the characters, but this is a list of the weakest weapon. They might be the weakest, but the skills gained when used isn't dependent on the item and damage, but the amount of "force" used, ie.: 100%, 90%, 80%, etc...

Best Training Items

Basic Weapons

Weapons that may require basic bone tools and don't need machinery or metal to make are ideal for newspawns. But even these weapons aren't free and require effort because most of them are usually made from wood and/or bones and killing enough animals to make a weapon isn't usually easy.

In combat situation, basic weapons can be blocked nearly by all shields. However, even a basic weapon will increase the damage you do to animals and to people, if you bypass their shields.

List of Basic Weapons

Bladed Weapons

Most of the better weapons are more complex, being split up into several pieces, requiring metals and various tools and even machines. Most bladed weapons have two parts and can be made not only from steel but from bronze as well. To build the blade, you require an small sharpening block in the room, as well as a flatter, set hammer, peen hammer, sledgehammer and chisel in your inventory while working on the project. The other part of the weapon varies widely; check each weapon for more information. The separate parts are combined in the end to complete the weapon.

Some bladed weapons can be upgraded to look much more prestigious, but it does not increase its combat effectiveness. They also focus more on on strength rather skill, but as always, there are exceptions.

List of Bladed Weapons


Bows are probably the most complex weapons in the game to construct. You'll need to start a project for the bow you want and add all of the required objects. They are all made of wood and some require iron and steel, and require tools like a knife, or a carving knife. These weapons focus more on skill rather than strength.

To create almost any bow you'll need a bowstring. This can be made out of practically any clothing material, or sinew in the case of the primitive bow. You'll need a twiner to create string, and then a string jig along with a server to create a bowstring.

To assemble any bow except the primitive one, you'll need a bow stringer in the room.

List of Bows

Other Weapons

These weapons don't really fall into a set category and can focus on skill or strength, but most are metal based and one or two can have unique abilities.

List of Other Weapons


The most effective shield you have will automatically be used in defending your character upon the event of you being attacked by another character or animal. Your shield has the potential to be effective or it may not deflect the damage dealt at all. If your blocking is effective, you will block a random amount of damage of the attack, based on the quality of your shield, your tiredness, strength, your skills, and the similar factors affecting the attacker.

When your shield is defending you from an attack, it is defending with the max possible that you can do with it at the time. So do not be alarmed if you block 30 percent damage from a bare fist, it does not mean you blocked 30 percent damage, it means that's how much you can block and a fist has a lot less damage dealing power. If your protection is not enough, it will tell you how much damage got through, if this is more than enough to protect you, you won't be hurt.

A buckler is the weakest shield in the game, but, there is also an item in the game that offers even less protection. The buckler is an economic choice for decent protection against animals and is unique because it is hiden to other character's sight. They require a small amount of wood and hide, and a stone, bronze or regular hammer to construct.

Bone shields are a wise thing to build for a character without much access to anything. They can be created without the use of anything other than bones and a little hide, making it probably the easiest shield to make. You'll need some small bones as well as some large bones, and a knife to construct it. Luckily, a bone knife will do. Also, the shield can be upgraded to have have feathers, requiring a needle and feathers, but it does not increase its effectiveness, only looks.

The Steel buckler is a much stronger version of the regular buckler, being made from just steel. It, like the regular buckler, is hidden from sight which can be very useful but it is not as easy to make.

A wooden shield is ideal for young characters, as it does not take much refining to get. All you need to do is get 500 grams of wood, which can be gathered as a raw resource, unlike iron. While not quite as good as an iron shield, this will protect against many animal and newspawn-gone-crazy attacks.

The bronze shield is unique because it requires the metal bronze and a stone, bronze or regular hammer to be made. The metal does not seem to be too common in the Cantr world, yet, but for those lucky enough to gain some bronze, the shield offers great protection.

The targe not only rivals the bronze shield in effectiveness, but is unique shield (1 of 2) in that it has both offensive and defensive capabilities, but since the attack value is so small, it is unlikely anyone would rely on it as a primary weapon.

A chitin shield is a rare item that is made from the shell of a scarab. It is another shield that shares the same protection power as the targe and bronze shield.

A tortoiseshell shield can be made from the shell of a desert tortoise. It gives more protection than the three previous mentioned shields and a little less protection than a scutum.

A scutum is one of the heaviest shields in the game. It requires 1500 grams of wood and a bronze carving knife or iron carving knife. This shield takes 8 days to make and is a bit better then a tortoiseshell shield. If you have a limited supply of iron but want great protection and don't mind the weight, the scutum is for you.

An iron shield used to be the best protection Cantr could offer, now it is the third best shield in the game. Only the biggest beasts of animals, and the strongest weapons can get through it. Nowadays it can be improved to a kite shield, which is slightly better. Requires a hammer to make.

The kite shield is an improved version of the iron shield and the second best shield in Cantr. It's made by attaching leather guigue and enarmes and some extra iron to a basic iron shield. A full set of weapon-smithing tools is required. The kite shield can be embellished by plating it with gold, silver or platinum, but this is merely to show off wealth and doesn't make the shield stronger. The [[kite shield] is the second shield that can act as a weapon, but like the other, because they aren't designed for attacking, it deals low damage.

Steel scutum is the current best shield and the heaviest shield in Cantr. It's made by reinforcing a wooden scutum with steel and iron and attaching leather straps like on the kite shield. A full set of weapon-smithing tools is required.


Certain tools, generally for their own specialized uses in manufacturing, can double as a weapon implement. These are usually poor in their effectiveness, but some can be just as good, if not better, than the average weapon.

List of Tool Weapons