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A player, but not by this name. Specifically interested in standardizing, adding subcategories via templates, as well as adding or fleshing out more content. In general, to make the wiki content more usable and complete for players. - Paul


Sub Categories

Add sub categories to Semi-finished Products, to be used in manufacturing dialog/text and infobox items:

  • assembly line parts
  • vehicle parts
  • car parts
  • motocycle parts
  • electronics parts
  • household items
  • clothing items
  • weapon parts
  • sword blades
  • bow pieces
  • optical parts
  • construction/building parts

Add sub categories to Vehicles:

  • foot vehicles
  • motor vehicles

(these are already in a table and can be linked with Category:Land_Vehicles#Sorted_by_engine_type)

Add other sub categories that make sense..

Item Templates

Continue adding item template replacements, like screwdriver:


Basically make all infobox code cleaner and layouts standard across items (see: Vehicles)