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Projects are what you're character gets involved in. This can range from the collecting of natural resources, refining them into other resources, using machines, manufacturing objects, healing someone in near death state or resting. Your current project is listed below your location on your character information screen. The progress of your current project is also listed. By clicking on that link, you will get a breakdown of the project you are working on, which also contains a list of people working on that project, as well as the initiator, and whether or not you have the right tools to complete that project.

Projects can be divided into three categories based on how they advance:

  • Manual projects will only advance if someone works on them. Most projects are manual, including resting.
  • Automatic projects, like drying cod or growing herbs, take a set amount of time and nobody needs to work on them.
  • Very few projects are automatic with manual assistance, such as drying meat or some types of gardening. This means they will progress on their own, but can be joined to speed up production.

A list of all projects at a particular location can be seen by visiting the activity page.

Collaborating on Projects

Multiple characters can work on the same project. To join someone else's project, click the "p" icon next to the project in the Activity Page. If you don't have the necessary tools, a red warning icon will appear after you join the project.

All gathered resources or crafted items will go to the character who initiated the project, no matter how many others worked on it. If the initiator is no longer in the location, the items will appear on the ground.

Injury and Tiredness

Damage reduces how fast the character works, as does tiredness, both reduce it by the percentage of damage/tiredness, and they stack. However, hunger does not affect working speed directly, so starve your slaves™ [1] all you want!

^ 1) Cantr Staff most certainly does not approve of slavery, human trafficking, child labor, or coercive labor practices in any way what-so-ever! However, a little light indentured servitude never hurt anybody, so...go with that...