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Certain items in Cantr are able to be described. This description will be visible to all players. A description can be a maximum of 320 characters long.

Describing Objects During Manufacturing

Most objects are able to be described during manufacturing. On the build confirmation page, you will see a checkbox that, when clicked, will allow you to describe the item.

Describing Objects After Manufacturing

If you would like to describe an object after it has already been manufactured, you will need the specific tool that will allow you to modify it. In your inventory, you click the scissors icon on the tool to modify something. The "Changing object description" menu will come up, where you can choose which object to describe, and enter the new description.

Which tool is used is based on the following list: knitting needles, needle, pliers, crochet hook, peen hammer, hammer, carving knife, chisel, knife. The first tool that appears on this list, and was used to manufacture the object to be changed, will be what's used. Some items have a special rule since none of the previous ones applies. For example ceramics use a paintbrush. The list below lists more exceptions to these rules.




Some items (containers) are described by using labels. Labels work like any other sign changing tool, but they deteriorate rapidly during the describing project and you might need more than one to finish a project, based on the length of the project. Since the deterioration status of labels is hidden, there's no way of telling which ones are unused and which ones are about to crumble.

Items described with labels cannot be built with a custom description, the description has to be added after building.

Items described with a label:

Items no longer using a label

Items that no longer use a label, but use standard tools instead include the following: