Game updates 2014 Q2

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These are the game updates from Q2 2014.

  • 25/6/2014
    • Docking was changed so that your ship moves towards the target with each tick, instead of remaining in it's original spot. This may lead into the ship sailing across land. It will be impossible to cancel docking while the ship is on land. Also even if you were on water, you can't cancel docking if there's just one hour left.
  • 8/6/2014
    • Maximum object description length was doubled. It's now 320 characters. The part exceeding 160 characters is hidden on Objects and Inventory pages, but you can reveal the rest of it by clicking the "..." link.
  • 18/4/2014
    • It's now possible to disassemble rickshaws, tandem bikes and sloops.
    • Time trend statistics now use a Js-based library, making them look neater.