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The Communications Department has been merged into the current Public Relations Department. This page is left for reference.

Role within the game

The Communications Department is responsible for supporting the community of Cantr players outside the game. They are responsible for maintaining the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the forums and IRC channel by resolving any out-of-control conflicts and flaming, as well as removing spam. Other responsibilities include publishing the Cantr Webzine Stolen Notes, as well as supervising/assisting in maintaining and updating the Cantr Wiki.

Stolen Notes – the Cantr webzine

One specific responsibility beyond moderation and support is the publication of Stolen Notes. Stolen Notes is the official Cantr Webzine, published quarterly. Cantr players and forum members are encouraged to contribute a variety of items, such as articles, comics, interviews, stories or artwork, and the consolidated pieces are published in Stolen Notes. Editorial staff are responsible for publishing new issues of Stolen Notes at the appropriate time. They also encourage contributions, check and edit those submitted items and upload them to the system

Applying to this department

No experience with the game is required for this position, however prior activity on the Cantr forum and IRC channel is preferred. Applicants should have clear, friendly online communications skills, should be good mediators, and should know when and when not to use moderation to resolve conflicts. This position is not very time-consuming if you are already active on the forum and IRC channel. Wiki administrator applicants are preferred (though not required) to have experience with the Cantr wiki and MediaWiki editing knowledge. Due to the multilingual community of Cantr, additional languages are an advantage. Applications for languages currently unrepresented in the Communications Department are always desired.

Editorial Board

Applicants to the Editorial Board should have very good writing and editing skills, with a good level of grammar. Due to the requirement of working to a deadline, good work under pressure is a positive, as is the ability to edit to a high standard in a short time. Another key aspect is encouraging and collecting contributions from players, as such a very good level of inter-personal skills is necessary. Finally, due to the amount of writing and editing undertaken, a touch of creativity is a huge positive. These requirements are in addition to any for a standard Communication Department application.

Current members

As of 1st October 2008.

Name Position Forum Nickname IRC Nickname
Kris Scott Chair the_antisocial_hermit Hermitess
Lora Perkins Member Sunni Daez Sunni
Martyna Ptak Member Miri
Nick Rush-Cooper Member formerly known as hf coopa
Paul Reed Webzine Editor UloDeTero
Patrik Martinson Wiki/RD Liaison ceselb
Kevin Aspirant Member *Wiro Wiro
Gran B. Aspirant Member GranAttacker Gran
Stefan Liedtke Aspirant Member Piscator Piscator
Tobiasz M. Aspirant Member mars mars
Edvardas Vaiðvila Aspirant Member wejdas

Some former members

For the most up to date staff listings, please check the Cantr Departments Overview