Steamed rice

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Steamed rice
Nourishing Food
Eaten80 grams
Manufactured Resource
Resourcesrice and dried dung/wood/coal/charcoal/propane
Toolswooden or reed steamer
Machineryprimitive oven, regular oven, coal oven or gas oven
Methods of  manufacturing
primitive oven (wood/dried dung)1050
oven (wood or firewood)1050
coal oven (coal/charcoal)1260
gas oven (propane)2100

Steamed rice is made from rice with a wooden or reed steamer on a primitive oven, regular oven, coal oven or gas oven prepared with the required fuel.

Steamed rice can be eaten as is, used together with salt to make rice balls on the kitchen table, with poultry sausage and ginger to make yun cheong on an hibachi, or with olive oil to make arancini with a pot of stone, copper or steel on an hibachi.