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This department is responsible for the organisation of raw materials in Cantr. This includes managing the list of raw material types and the locations of the different resources. The basic aim should be stimulating an interesting economy. The resources department works closely together with the programming department in managing the list of manufacturable objects in the game. The animals subdepartment will be responsible for the management of the list of animals in the same way as the whole department is for raw materials. The Tailor is responsible for handling requests for new cloth design. He can be reached by mailing


Name Position Forum Nickname IRC Nickname
Joshua Ward Chairperson wichita wichita
Thomas Regan Member Talapus Talapus
Anders Hjalmarson Member
Nathan Killeen Member Nakranoth
Michal Zoltowski Member Rusalka Rusalka
TJ Nelson Member creepyguyinblack creepyguyinblack
Kevin Shimkus Member
Bill Weidner Member Just A Bill Just A Bill
John Tsai Member johntsai JohnT
Łukasz Romik Member Raist Raist
Zack Truel Member
Josh Rosen Member alshepro
Pablo Bit Member
J Westbrooks Member (Tailor) Maelstrom Maelstrom
Ilona Hyvättinen Member (Tailor) SekoETC Seko
Darby Aspirant Member sanchez sanchez

Former members include