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The Players Department is responsible for investigating capital rule breaches, and for approving and denying requests for new accounts. They also handle queries from Cantr players with questions about the game.

Current members

Name Position Forum Nickname IRC Nickname
Unfilled Chairman
John Tsai Vice Chairman johntsai JohnT
Annette Hansford Member Oasis CantrOasis
Luk Cantryjczyk Member Cantryjczyk Cantryjczyk
Randi Conley Member rconley Randi
Bartlomiej Iwanojko Member KeVes KeVes
Grzegorz Sojka Member (ProgD Liaison) marol
Ula Aspirant Member Ula Ula
Saulius Dumskis Aspirant Member Amlin
David McClamma Aspirant Member mcclone mcclone
kerem oktay Aspirant Member Ebenezer Ebenezer
Rafael Ramil Aspirant Member el_bicho_mutante el_bicho
Arkadiusz Stefaniak Aspirant Member
Mateusz Suszek Aspirant Member SUCHY SUCHY
Anders Thalén Aspirant Member bear

Former members include

  • Genevieve Hokanson (chair)
  • Melissa Seese (chair)
  • Sharon Husby
  • Ryan Coleman
  • Jessica Lange (chair)
  • Rachel Flenoy
  • Brandon Smith
  • Nathan Edwards