Mint lemonade

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Mint lemonade
Healing Food
Heals2% per 100 grams
50 grams heals 1% injury
Manufactured Resource
Toolsglass, gold, silver, or porcelain pitcher
wood, silver, china, steel, or bone spoon
Methods of  manufacturing
kitchen table
100g lemon juice, 400g water, 50g sugar, 50g peppermint

Wait... mint lemonade? Mint? *sigh* Alright, whatever floats your boat. Fresh peppermint in your lemonade. At least you'll have clean smelling breath now.

Mint lemonade is made from lemon juice, peppermint, sugar and water on a kitchen table with a glass, gold, silver, or porcelain pitcher and a wood, silver, china, steel, or bone spoon.

In addition to its healing properties, lemonade decreases tiredness 0.25% per 100g.

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