Graveyard (wood)

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Graveyard (wood)
Object typeBuildings
Skill usedBuilding
Time20 day(s)
Materials10000 grams of lumber
Toolsshovel or bronze shovel
stone, bronze or regular hammer
LocationOutside only
Weightunlimited grams

So, got a lot of sleepers in your town finally dropping like flies? Are those abandoned towns just not quite spooky enough for your taste? Ever get those urges to be a necromancer? Well, you're in luck! The cemetery, or "graveyard", can fulfill all such needs.

The wood graveyard acts like any construction as it doesn't require windows to see who's inside and for people inside to see outside. It is essentially a public space that everyone can visit where people can build memorials like tombstones and mausoleums. But the graveyard cannot be locked. It can only be built outside. And suppose you had two religions in town that didn't get along too well in life, sorry to say they'll have to share the afterlife together as only one graveyard can be built per location. And, for the truly spiteful vandals out there, graveyards can be destroyed.

There's no limit to the number of tombstones that can be built in a graveyard, and they are able to hold mausoleums as well.

See also: Graveyard (stone) if that's a more abundant (or preferable) resource.


A wooden graveyard can be destroyed. It must be completely emptied of tombstones and any other items. Destruction is final and yields no resources back—just the pure satisfaction of desecration of the dead. And it only takes 10 days.

Fun Fact

While the term graveyard and cemetery are often used interchangeably, a graveyard tends to be burial grounds built within churchyards.