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trzeba by się zająć półproduktami, kto może zrobić 'szkielet'?

--WojD 10:08, 20 Dec 2005 (EST)

Where did you get that big weapon-strength chain? In particular, "carving knife > iron chisel" doesn't match with what Talapus got. Also, do you mean iron carving knife there? Sho 18:53, 23 Dec 2005 (EST)

  • Same problem with "targe > sledgehammer". Sho 00:19, 24 Dec 2005 (EST)
    • One of chars collect all these weapons and this is result from listbox - if this works well, result is correct --WojD 01:07, 24 Dec 2005 (EST)
      • When did you get this information? Why does it have tools like the carving knife, which doesn't exist any more? I'm not using this information until I can be confident in it.Sho 14:14, 25 Dec 2005 (EST)
        • Perhaps this was been iron carving knife - bronze isn't accessible on this island --WojD 17:47, 25 Dec 2005 (EST)
          • my mistake * smiles * in Polish version I was place right name Nóż rzeźbiarski (żelazny) --WojD 17:52, 25 Dec 2005 (EST)

Ten moherowy beret to juz przesada.

              • Podpisz się proszę ;) --WojD 14:04, 14 Jan 2006 (EST)