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Hello, I am Swymir and have been playing Cantr for quite some time now. Believe it all started back in the summer of 2002 (or was it 2003). I actually signed up to play before that in the 300s(cantr time) but I was young and stupid and didn't get the concept right away. I came back a year later to try again in the 500s(cantr time) and had quite a few successful characters who seemed to have altered the course of history, which is my favorite aspect of cantr. However those characters met a grim fate as I lost my computer access for a bit and all my characters died from inactivity (which was sad as I had not lost a character before that). I came back AGAIN during the late 800s and have been playing ever since hopefully not having to start over again.

You can generally find me the forums giving my opinion on things and can probably also find me tinkering with the Wiki to make sure it presents as much information as possible. You will be able to tell which entrees are mine as they will be the ones littered with typos for others to correct.