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Cantr may seem confusing at first, but it takes a small ammount of time to adjust to the game. The important thing to remember is that you can do ANYTHING you want, within the confines of an already extensive programing. As it says on the front page, you could be anything from the most cunning military leader, to most beloved village idiot. This is perfectly true, and more besides. New features are always being introduced, to make the game much more dynamic, interesting and above all, more realistic.

Most advice given would be:

Do not take things and run, as soon as you create your first character. From experience, he/she will not last long.

Role play to the best of your ability. This will definitely improve your perception of the game, as it lets you interact much more with other characters. This can be very rewarding.

It's just a game, have fun! But do remember that your character believes he/she is real, and wont take being killed lightly ;)