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Note: This page is not currently used. Template:Infobox:animal (fic) is the template used for fictional animals. These two templates are the same.

{{Infobox:Animal (fic)}} allows to detail in a single table, all of the listed information about a fictional animal.

The table is located in the upper right corner, and can contain: an image with its description; information about the category; attacking damage of the animal; aggressiveness; the natural armor strength; the likeliness of migration; travel speed; reproduction rate; habitat(s); resources the animal drops upon death; and the average age of life.

The article is automatically added to the corresponding subcategory of Animals (fic).


Copy the text below and paste it to the top of the page you are editing. Complete the fields with the information you want to display. Unused fields may be deleted or left incomplete.

{{Infobox:Animal (fic)
| title          = 
| sortingname    = 
| image          = 
| resize         = 
| description    = 
| attackforce    = 
| attackchance   = 
| strength       = 
| armour         = 
| travelchance   = 
| reproduction   = 
| areas          = 
| resources      = 


Please use fictional locations, resources, etc. or impossible game mechanics to keep confusion minimal while allowing for whimsy. :)

  • areas
    • Examples: areas = [[:category:Fiction|abyss]]
    • areas = [[roads]]<br>[[:category:Fiction|calderas]]
  • resources
    • Examples: resources = 1000 grams of [[:category:Fiction|horn]]<br>200 grams of [[:category:Fiction|pelt]]