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Roads are what characters travel on to go between locations. The quality of the road will affect what kind of vehicles can travel on it, and at what speed you will be travelling. The length of the road will also affect how long you will be travelling.

Road length and direction

Roads on newer islands have lengths equal to the straight-line distance between endpoints. Roads on older islands can be longer or shorter than the straight-line distance. Roads are always straight - they go in the same direction at every point - but this direction is not necessarily consistent with the direction on the visual map (the directions were generated automatically, but the script used to do this had errors).

Improving roads

Improving the roads can be time consuming. Some resources can be hard to find. For some projects, the required resources can be high. The length of the road and the type of the improvement will dictate how much materials it will take to improve the roads. A shovel or bronze shovel is needed to work on road improvement projects. A wheelbarrow or improved wheelbarrow can be used to speed up road improvement projects.

If an improvement project is started at one end of the road, the town at the other end will not get the option to improve that road. They will not see your improvement project either. All resources must be added (and all the work done) at one end. Road improvement projects can be canceled, only if no resources have been added to them.

Types of roads


Paths are the most primitive types of roads. All roads in Cantr are created as paths, and any improvement on them must be done by the characters of the game. Paths have a vehicle speed factor of 80.

Upgrading a path to a sand road requires sand.

Sand road

All land vehicles can travel on sand roads. Sand roads have a vehicle speed factor of 100.

Upgrading a sand road to a paved road requires sand, stone and oil (at a ratio of 70 : 50 : 1).

Paved road

All land vehicles can travel on paved roads. Paved roads have a vehicle speed factor of 135.

Upgrading a paved road to a highway requires sand, stone and oil at a ratio of 10 : 8 : 1, and will take 10 times the oil and approximately 1.5 times as long as upgrading a sand road to a paved road.


Highways have a vehicle speed factor of 200.

Upgrading a highway to an expressway requires sand, stone and oil.


Expressways have a vehicle speed factor of 280.

An expressway cannot be improved any further.


Railways are a special road type that allow for the travel of trains along them.

Normal vehicles cannot traverse railways.