How to play a musician

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There are all kinds of ways to sing and dance in Cantr. You can literally describe the action, or simply do "*dance*". Below you can find some tips to help you improve your singing, dancing and music-making roleplaying.


Singing can be roleplayed from literally singing the lyrics of a song you made (or someone else's) to humming a melody. Writing songs can be very difficult, and therefore most people simply choose to do something along the lines of "*hums a song*". Humming is often combined with someone else playing music on an instrument. Of course you can also try to use some tunes in a song: "Do ré mi fa sol la si"

If you are going to sing with words, it's often appreciated if you add "*starts singing*" or "*sings*" so people know you aren't just saying those things.


Dancing can be done simply by using "*dance*" or you could use longer, more detailed actions which could add new roleplaying possibilities for both you and the one you're dancing with. (And even the people around you!)

An example of more detailed dancing could be: Player X: "*holds Player Y's hips and slowly moves left and right, looking her deep in the eyes.*" Player Y: "*moves along with Player X and slowly moves her head to his head*"

And what would happen from here on could vary from the place you are at. If you are outside then there's a chance someone will shout at you two to go inside or something, but if you two are alone you could have a very romantic dance together.

Use your imagination! There are endless possibilities.

Using instruments

Instruments can be very useful when there's a something to celebrate in a town. There are all kinds of instruments, and combined with singing and dancing you can create a very entertaining situation.

When playing an instrument, people often add things like "*plays cheerfully*" to show others that they're playing a happy melody with your instrument.

Since there is no built-in skill connected to musicality, it is up to the player to express the character's level of expertise. Many characters seem to master one's instrument perfectly from the first moment they pick it up, but it seems more natural if the character has to learn through practicing instead of being spawned an expert. A completely tone-deaf character can also provide great comedic relief.