Freight train

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Freight Train
Object typeVehicles
Skill usedManufacturing vehicles
Time60 day(s)
Materials14000 grams of steel
400 grams of aluminium
Objects1 train frame
1 train windows
8 train wheels
Toolsstone, bronze or regular hammer
soldering iron
sledgehammer or bronze sledgehammer
Land Vehicle
Total Capacity3200000 grams
Real Capacityunknown grams
Travels onrailway
Base speed0.5 (1.5 while controlled)
Enginetrain controls
Weight effect150000

The freight train is a type of land vehicle that travels on a road type called 'railway', between two or more railway stations. It has a relatively low capacity for passengers, but a high capacity for resources and objects, and some unusual mechanics that distinguish it from other land vehicles - namely, it can only travel between railway stations, and will not stop in locations without railway stations. Railway barricades can prevent train travel through a location.

For more information on trains and their usage, please read the train travel guide.

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