Four poster bed with silk curtains

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Four poster bed with silk curtains
Object typeFurniture
Skill usedCarpenting
Time8 day(s)
Materials5000 grams of wood
2000 grams of feathers
945 grams of silk cloth
Toolsstone, bronze or regular hammer
planer or bronze planer
iron, bone, or seashell needle
LocationBuilding, not a vehicle
Fixed object

Description and uses

The four poster bed with silk curtains is an elegant bed with a post at each corner that holds up a canopy of luxurious silk curtains. The wood is intricately carved in detail.

This bed was converted to the wooden four-poster bed with a silk mattress during the Great Beddening of March 2022. It can no longer be created as given here, and silk curtains will have to be installed separately.