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Expressing actions and emotions that are not programmed into the game. Emotes are usually written between two asterisks


though some people use double colons


The things between the marks are not meant to be taken as something the character says, and reacting to it as such will make you look like an idiot. (Trust me, such has been seen, unfortunately.) Cantr adds "You say:" into the beginning of everything you post and this thing is to be ignored when reading emotes.

As the game cultures begin to mix together more and more, players may find it difficult at times trying to roleplay intercultural interactions without common visual ground for interaction. To help facilitate these interactions, we have an emote translation page where emotes can be translated into all languages as an easy reference guide to help speed up the roleplaying process. Usually, when roleplaying with people from multiple languages, you can use english in your emotions/actions. If there are just two languages you can choose to add both translations seperated with a "/".