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Carrying capacity?

I have no idea how the weight numbers, on this page and the specific vehicle pages, relate to the amount of goods that can be carried in a vehicle. Are the numbers here useful at all? Without some explanation, they are deceptive as to how much a vehicle can carry.

I believe that the base capacity figures quoted include the weight of a person. A Cantr person weights something like 60000 grams. Also, you need to take off the weight of the lock which is, I think, 180 grams. So if it says the weight is 90000 grams, the actual amount of stuff you can put in is (90000-60000-180)g. Psymann 09:33, 27 February 2008 (EST)
The formula Psymann is referring to is the practical max capacity (more details over on that page). Kaimera 13:15, Nov 14 2008 (PST).

Can someone doublecheck the carrying capacity of the tricycle and dirt motorbike? They appear to be less than the carrying capacity of a walking person, which doesn't sound right to me. (Especially since you can ride a standard bike or a skateboard with full pockets). Kaimera 10:15, Jan 11 2009.

  • They are indeed correct, just double checked in game. Remember, the listed practical maximum is for when it has a lock. If it doesn't have a lock you can indeed go on the bike and skateboard with full pockets. Not so for teh tricycle however. Can you message me in the forum instead in the future, please. I found this quite by accident. Ceselb 05:45, 18 January 2009 (EST)