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There are several different types of buildings that can be built in Cantr, each with their own properties and requirements. All buildings start unlocked, so constructing a building lock is always a wise decision before storing resources- and tools- inside.


An extension is a room that can be built in its same-material counterpart, to extend the size while not paying a lot to do so.

Buildings may also be expanded by building rooms. The capacity of the main room is not effected by extensions or internal rooms, nor their contents.


These are landmarks, which are within the Building subcatagory for construction, but are not actually a building or room that you can enter. Landmarks are signs, used to display information about the location you are at, such as a name, or a short - but important - message. Landmarks can only be built ouside, not in buildings or vehicles.

The landing-stage- and coaster harbour- are similar to buildings, but have special properties. They are found under Transportation.

Building List

Click on the 'category' tab at the top of the page to access the list of types of buildings that can be made, organized as they are listed in the in-game manufacturing menu.

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