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Resources must be either digged for, farmed, or collected on a location when your character is outside, or it can be produced using a machine. For those that you can find outside on a location, there is a maximum number of people that can be gathering resources at a location at any time. This number is randomly set, and also depends on the type of location - e.g. grass fields can have more resource gatherers than mountains. On average, at least.

(你的人物必须挖掘,种植,或者在他在屋外的时候收集原料;原料也可以靠机器制作。 收集在屋外的原料的人数有限。最高的人数是任意定下的,而且也与地点的地形有 关-例如:平均,草原能比山区有更多收集原料的人。)


These pages are temporary until a category-based system can be worked out.

  • 食物
  • Metal (铁制物)
  • Clothing material (裁缝用物)
  • Apothecary mixtures (Note: this section includes more 'resources', which have not been added to this list as they are -at the current time- largely unknown.) (医药) (请留意:医药用物包括更多尚未被加入这个网页的“原料”;它们至今不为人知。)
  • Unusable items There are some items that can be gathered or manufactured that do not yet have any use. (有些可以收集或制作的东西尚未有用处。)


Click on the 'category' tab at the top of the page to access the list of resources found in Cantr. (若要翻阅Cantr游戏的原料目录,请按这一页上面的“category”钮)


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