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History of the Cantr Constitution

The original Cantr Constitution was composed by Jos Elkink on 23 July 2003. It has been amended a couple of times since then, and has been in it's current form since 13 February 2009.

The constitution was originally written to govern the actions of the Game Administration Board and consequently provide guidelines for the running of the game. As of the last amendment, the Game Administration Council ceased to exist, being replaced by the Game Advisory Council

Current Constitution

Jos Elkink, Dublin, February 13, 2009 (original: July 23, 2003 and amended March 1, 2006)

Game Administration Board

  • The main governing body of Cantr II will be the Game Administration Board.
  • The Game Administration Board will consist of the Game Founder or his representative and the Chairs of all staff departments.
  • The Game Administration Board will take its decisions by simple majority vote, unless otherwise stated.
  • The Game Administration Board will be chaired by the Game Founder.
  • The Game Founder or his representative can overrule any decision by the Game Administration Board, but will do so judiciously.
  • The Game Administration Board decides on all staff appointments and promotions.

General staff

  • All new appointments to staff become initially members, until promoted to senior members.
  • In principle, only members that are deemed trustworthy enough for access to Player Department files, program source code, and program database, should be promoted to senior member.
  • All staff members will have to work to preserve or stimulate: (1) the unique character and original concept of Cantr II; (2) the professionalism in the approach of players; (3) the quality of the program code and the integrity of the game database; (4) the international fame and accessibility of the game.

Game Advisory Council

  • The Game Advisory Council is appointed by the Game Founder or his representative.
  • The Game Advisory Council advises the Game Founder or his representative and the Game Administration Board upon request.
  • These bylaws can only be changed by the Game Founder or his representative.
  • Advice from the Game Advisory Council is mandatory in case of bylaw changes.