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Image Source: Ellie Crystal
Object typeWeapons
Skill usedManufacturing weapons
Time3 day(s)
Materials150 grams of wood
Toolsknife, bone knife or bronze knife
Rot and repair
Rot49 points per day
per day of use: Unknown (hard)
Repair1200 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight150 grams

Description and uses

The boomerang is a weak and inexpensive weapon. It takes longer to make, is weaker and costs more compared to the apache throwing star.

Real-life context

Originally, “boomerang” just meant throwing stick. The hunter normally did not require a throwing stick to return. Its purpose was to hit and injure its target sufficiently to enable it to be captured, or slow enough for the spear throwers to get into range. Over time, and in different regions, intricate designs were elaborated which allowed throwing sticks to curve around obstructions, to skip with force off the ground, to catch on to and swing around a protective shield and to swirl in a large arc eventually to curve back to the thrower. The returning boomerang is limited to games, killing birds and directing animals into traps. Light and thin, with a deep curvature in relation to length, the ends are slightly twisted in opposite directions while the lower surface is flat and the upper surface is convex.

The boomerang has a multiplicity of other uses besides its function as a fighting or hunting weapon. It is also used to clear grass and soil to prepare comfortable campsites or ceremonial grounds. It can be used as a poker and shovel when cooking. The sharp end of a hardwood boomerang is sometimes used for cutting up a cooked animal or for digging holes for an earth oven. The sharp edge can also be used to create friction in fire-making.