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This page is a list of all activities in the area your character is in. Because there are often many unfinished projects, it takes a long time to load them all. Instead, there is a search field, so you can search for specific types of projects. Leaving the field blank will load all activities. Projects started by your character are listed automatically. You may also choose to sort the search result by name, initiator or date.

An individual project will look similar to this:

Sample project.png

The hand icon will allow you to point to the project and will share a link in the Events Page that other characters can see. Clicking on the "i" icon takes you to the individual project page with more details on that project. Clicking the "p" icon will make your character participate in that project. The "x" icon will cancel the project if it's possible (if you're the initiator or enough time has passed since its creation) or start a tear down project if progress had already been made and it's something that would result in an object. When a project is cancelled, what you get depends on the type of project. If it was resource gathering, you get the portion that was gathered by that point. If it was a refining type of a project, you get what was refined by then and the unchanged resources that weren't used yet.

There's a tick mark √ if it's possible to work on the project and you have the required tools, an X if you don't have the required tools and a - if resources or components are still missing and it isn't possible to start working before they're added.

The character in parenthesis is the character who originally started the project if they are still in the same place (not necessarily the character working on the project) and is a link to the character details as usual. After that is a Cantr time stamp of when the project was started.

Projects are listed in three colours:

  • Dark grey - Has no one working on the project
  • Light grey - Has other characters working on the project
  • White - Is the project your character is working on