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I've been playing since 2003, after finding the game through a link on gamewyrd... and I've been hooked ever since. I have 14 characters over 50 now, so its probably fairly easy to spot them. Just keep that knowledge to yourself though ;)
I'm currently a member of the [[Communications Department]] again, finally. Not sure what that means for all you folk, but I have no plans to cut back on any ranting... if I feel it should be said, I'll say it. And if things annoy me, I always tend to say. And if I annoy people, they tend to say. Which can annoy me... a vicious circle.
Anyway, I am (unhealthily often) on IRC if you wanted to speak to me. I'm also frequently on MSN and Yahoo, superiorbasturd@hotmail.com and issan_uk respectively. Although hopefully no-one will actually want to talk to me...
AIM: Erm... I actually can't remember my AIM address... if you find it, could you tell me? I'd appreciate its return.<BR>
MSN: superiorbasturd@hotmail.com<BR>
YIM: issan_uk

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