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Started Playing: Day 1443; February 2006

Regions: English(3), Chinese(5), French(0); Total Characters Ever Played: 30

Forum: Torkess_theCommie

IRC: Tork

Position: PR Department Aspirant

I mainly add pages to the Chinese part of the wiki. I make very few translations since I'm not very confident with my written Chinese.

我是海外的中国人. 我在加拿大出生. 我的父母从香港来到加拿大所以我会说英文和广东话(粤语). 在学校, 我学了法文. 学校外, 我学了普通话. 我想未来学日本语, 去日本玩! 我也想去香港和台湾玩.

~ Is this feeling the feeling of love, or is it really just lust? I am only human.