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{{MessageBox}} is a meta-template, ie a template for creating templates.


Put the following code in the template being designed.

| color = 
| image = 
| desc  = 
| info  = 


  • color - This parameter is not mandatory. It specifies the color of the left margin. The color code must be specified in hexadecimal. The default is "7D9BDF".
    • Example: color = FF0000 (= Red)
  • image - This parameter is not mandatory. It specifies the message image. If this parameter is not specified, an image is displayed by default.
    • Example: image = Cancel.png
  • desc - Describe the type of message. This description should be equal for all the messages of the same type.
    • Example: desc = This page is under construction.
  • info - Specific information of the message. This information should vary according to the need of each page. Therefore, you must complete it with a parameter.
    • Example: info = {{{parameter}}}


Info.png - Default image

Tools.png - Tools.png

Right.png - Right.png

Cancel.png - Cancel.png