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Build Menu Description

As of the creation of this entry, there is no automatic description in the build menu. That is, if a person decided to create a Cotton tunic embroidered with seashells in-game, it will lack the descriptions that most articles of clothing have. When someone looks at what a person is wearing, they will only see 'cotton tunic embroidered with seashells' among the other clothing they may be wearing (if any).

The ability to create a custom description remains, as it does for almost all clothing articles.

If a basic description is desired, it might look something like that for the Embroidered cotton shirt but with a Cotton tunic: A sleeveless, cotton garment long enough to half cover the wearer`s hips. The fabric is intricately decorated with several small seashells.

I envision some indigenous traditional tunics with this suggestion, consisting of something like rows of Cowrie shells on the front.

--Shaudawn (talk) 16:06, 3 September 2021 (UTC)