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Role within the game

The Resources Department is responsible for the organisation of raw materials in Cantr. This includes managing the list of raw material types, the list of objects and machines and the animals and clothes visible in game. This department works closely together with the programming department in managing the list of objects in the game, and in working on the in game balance of newly programmed game features. The aim of this department is to keep an interesting balance in the game in terms of resources and building requirements and to keep a certain level of complexity in the industrial process in the game.

Applying to this department

Needed in this department are people who are interested in developing the resources and building requirements in game and can combine ideas with a knowledge of how they could be balanced with current implementations. Writing descriptions and defining requirements are a large part of the technical side of this role, and good attention to detail is essential. Experience in different regions of the game is also helpful.

All changes are made using forms on the website, which will be extensively explained before you will use them. Some are more technical than others, but there is no need for programming experience.

Members of this department will need to interact directly with the players who make requests through the Suggestion forums. As members will also be working closely with each other to determine the best course of action, good communication skills are necessary.

Specialist roles such as Tailor and Shepherd have been assigned staff members with a concentration of interest or skills in certain areas. The same requirements exist for these roles as for any other role as detailed above, with the exception of a more specialized knowledge base.

Current members

As of February, 2019:

Name Position Forum Nickname Discord Nickname
Sanchez Senior Member Sanchez Czez
Pilot Member Pilot Pilot
Muidoido Member Muidoido Muidoido
Genie Tailor Genie Cerridwen
Maureen Member Owlette Reeny
Felixis Member Felixis Felixis

Some former members

For the most up to date staff listings, please check the Cantr Departments Overview.