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Cantrians have the ability to create notes instantly without any tools or resources being required. Notes are weightless so a character can carry a pretty much unlimited amount of them. They also cannot be used as an ingredient for any project and are thus indestructible.

To create a note, click on the button that has a picture of a hand holding a pen.

This will bring up the edit stage. A title is optional since note titles are generally surrounded by two hyphens on each side, so you would still see those even if the title was blank. It's generally good to

Next to the title area there is a button for uploading a picture

which is pretty self-explanatory.

Then there is the text area where you write the primary contents of the note. Multiple spaces and tabulators will be visible (although if you hit tab while editing the note, it will switch focus out of the text area so if you want to have some lines indented, it's best to write it in notepad or other plain text editor and copy-paste into the form). The game will enter a line break after each row when displaying the contents of the note. This should be noted when you are including HTML tags because their length will also count even though they are invisible.

HTML is allowed but you should not link to things outside the game. It should only be used for formatting text.

Once you're done writing, remember to click on Store. If you use the back button then no note is created (or in the case of editing an old note, the contents are not changed).

Above the Store button you will see two radio buttons labeled "editable" and "not editable". It defaults to editable which means you or who ever picks up the note can edit the contents later on. If you set it to "not editable", after that you cannot add, change or remove any text. So if what ever you're writing is subject to change (like for example a diary or a citizens' list), you should leave it editable.