Game updates 2014 Q1

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These are the game updates from Q1 2014.

  • 22/3/2014
    • Deterioration status for buildings and vehicles was hidden, since they can't currently deteriorate.
  • 10/3/2014
    • It became possible to give many objects custom descriptions and/or labels.
    • It's also possible now to store notes and envelopes in containers.
  • 2/3/2014
    • The following poultry foods were added: coq-au-vin, wings and matzoh balls soup.
    • Also, the manufacturing times on some denim clothes were increased, because they weren't following the guidelines. Also denim dungarees now take buttons like the description says, instead of buckles.
  • 25/2/2014
    • It became possible to delete extra copies of notes inside envelopes automatically, including uneditable notes.
  • 8/2/2014
    • A delay was introduced to unsubbing to prevent someone else from instantly deleting your account if they get your login credentials.
  • 1/2/2014
    • It's now possible to domesticate a wide array of birds.
  • 21/1/2014
    • Notes that use HTML or CSS will be proofread automatically and fixed if they have errors. It's possible to view the edits it's going to make, giving you a chance to fix things manually if it's editing the code in ways you didn't want to happen.
  • 16/1/2014
    • Rainclothes, umbrellas and parasols were implemented.
  • 13/1/2014
    • Stomach capacity was reduced from 8000 grams to 4000.
    • It became possible to drag random things (and people) out of buildings and vehicles while you're on the outside, assuming you're not prevented by a lock. This is to plug an exploit of people barricading themselves in a building and leaving the door open while they're inside to prevent anybody from breaking the lock. It also removes the need for staff intervention when a dead body is stuck in a location too full to enter.
    • Did you know? section on Player page was introduced.
    • Handbags were added.