Coaster harbour

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Coaster harbour
Object typeBuildings
Skill usedBuilding
Time20 day(s)
Materials20.000 grams of stone
10.000 grams of wood
500 grams of iron
Toolsiron, bronze or wooden trowel
Weight2.000.000 grams

The coaster harbour is a freestanding building that must be built within a town's main area. It can have internal rooms. However, its prime purpose is to allow ships to dock that usually can't; any ship/boat can dock to a harbour, even if they can't dock to the town's beach. The building can be locked, but boats may still dock. It can also be seen from further away than the town itself, making travel easier. Vessels at sea can see a coaster harbour up to 30 pixels away, Towns can be seen within 20 pixels.

The harbour can only be built when an area has access to the sea. If the area is on a lake, a landing-stage can be built instead.


A coaster harbour can be demolished into ruins in 20 days using a sledgehammer or bronze sledgehammer, pickaxe or bronze pickaxe, axe or bronze axe, and crowbar.

Ruins of coaster harbour can be disassembled using a sledgehammer or bronze sledgehammer, pickaxe or bronze pickaxe, and crowbar, in 10 days, returning 50% of the original materials.