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To those thinking of playing and those currently playing. I would suggest going to another game. Yes, it is a fun game, but this current staff has ruined it. There used to be reasonable people on the staff who would do their jobs and not act like assholes, those days are over.

PD only looks after their friends, members of the staff and former members. If you have an incident occur that is serious, you will be lucky if they take it seriously. I have had incidents where they did nothing and they were confirmed blatant CRBs and serious ones at that. Yet, if you aren't in the good ole boys club, and they get a hard on for you then they'll do everything they can to ruin the game for you. The PD has currently been harassing me for about a month now over some personal issues. Some of them lost characters to some of mine and were in danger losing more to a pirate character of mine. The result was that they decided to take OOC action to prevent the deaths of these characters. They used their positions to protect their own and the characters of former staff members. They even killed one of my characters for insulting somebody. It wasn't OOC, it was in character, and there were even other characters taking part in it. But because PD was looking for excuses to take action against me, they made up some bullshit to kill that character. To his wife of a long time, I'm sorry. They did it, not me. And it was all for nothing other than personal issues they have with me. I hope things work out for you and you don't kill that character off.

Development - (ProgD and RD) These people mostly work when they have too. I worked behind the scenes and was able to see what they really did. I used to think they worked hard too, but I realized that it was all a rouse. These people have pages upon pages of backed up development projects in the development forums. Most of these would be posted there and half would be ignored and eventually end up in the back pages of the forums. The other half might get a comment or two from development. This happens sporadically and there might be one or two comments made, it will get backlogged and half a year later some new member will come along and bump the topic. I tried to spur them into getting things done, which was effective at times, some older projects were completed because I kept spurring them into doing them. But most old topics bumped would be ignored like they had been for years. Many of these weren't major projects, plenty of these projects weren't even difficult to implement, they were something that could be added in one to two days. Another thing to note is that they do not treat everyone fairly in the suggestion forums. It is supposed to be a place where people can come to present their ideas for the game and they will be considered fairly. The truth is, if you really want your idea to be approved then become a member of staff. Look at how many accepted/implemented suggestions are by members of staff alone, especially development. The percentage of suggestions made by development staff that has been accepted/implemented is way beyond the percentage of the forum members made up by development staff. There a lot of people who have good suggestions in the suggestion forums, but their suggestions will not be approved because they are not in the club. I've even seen where development members (Greek and Echoman namely) will vote down suggestions, not because they are bad, but because they are too lazy to implement them. Even if they have 90% approval, if they are too lazy to implement it, it will not be accepted.

I can't play under this current staff and for those of you on the lower ends of development (Seko for example), I have no problems with. That goes for most other staff members. My main issues are with the PD (all of which are nothing but crooked bastards, especially Pilot and Bobby Bucman), Echoman and Greek on development. So just because you are on staff don't think this is about you, it's about certain members of staff. To those of you I played with and who will see my characters die soon, I'm sorry. I enjoyed playing with you and would have liked to continue the role play and building onto our dreams. I can't play anymore with this current staff. It used to be a good game, but they have ruined it in my opinion. Maybe one day I will come back with a new identity when they are gone, if the game hasn't been completely ruined by then. You all wonder why veteran players are leaving? These bastards are a big part of it. Good luck to you all.

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