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| resources = 2750 grams of [[brick]]
| resources = 2750 grams of [[brick]]
| tools    = {{trowel}}
| tools    = {{trowel}}
| location  = outdoors, some buildings, [[graveyard]]s
| location  = outdoors, some buildings

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Brick memorial
Object typeBuildings
Skill usedBuilding
Time1.25 day(s)
Materials2750 grams of brick
Toolsiron, bronze or wooden trowel
Locationoutdoors, some buildings
Weight780,000 grams

Memorials are similar to shrines, but they can hold "plaques", which are exactly the same as tombstones and use slabs too.

They are basically a cheap version of graveyards, but unlike graveyards, memorials do not allow mausoleums and are not as complex. However, they still allow people to have some kind of memorializing.

See also: limestone memorial, stone memorial