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Object typeFurniture
Skill usedManufacturing
Time6 day(s)
Materials10000 wood
Toolsstone, bronze or regular hammer
Machinessauna stove
Locationany alcove
Fixed object
Resting furniture
Capacity4 person(s)
Recovery Rate10 (1/100 energy)

Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Sauna's can be built in alcoves, heated up with coal, and act as resting furniture.

Saunas should only be built in an appropriately sized room (only available in brick alcoves, marble alcoves, stone alcoves or wood alcoves).

To build one, first a sauna stove is required. Then build the sauna around the stove. The stove can be lit, not unlike the cozy fire in the fireplace, and can be splashed with water, just like a real sauna.

The sauna objects are very heavy, to discourage people from using their sauna as a storage room. An alcove with a sauna will still fit 4 people plus their inventories though.