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The Marketing Department has been merged into the current Public Relations Department. This page is left for reference.

Role within the game

The Marketing Department is responsible for advertising the game of Cantr II and attempting to attract new players. Consistently adding new players to the game is essential to its survival, especially because the more active players, the more interesting the game. “Spreading the word” about Cantr is a key part of the departments work.

The final task of this department is to find the funds required to maintain the server and keep Cantr II running. As Cantr is staffed by volunteers the costs are not that high, but any contribution to the game helps improve its performance. To this end, the possibility of Cantr merchandise has been mentioned; however, nothing has ever come of it.

Applying to this department

The key attributes we look for in our Marketing Department are inspiration and enthusiasm. Marketing a game in a world saturated with alternatives is not easy, so new marketing ideas are constantly needed. As our player base is obviously heavily internet based, knowledge of the internet game scene is considered useful. Due to the large scope of work which can be undertaken in this department, the ability to use your initiative and work alone can be an advantage although an ability to work with other members to construct a unified approach is paramount.

As you will be representing the game outside the Cantr community, a good standard of grammar and language is considered important.

Current members

As of 1st October 2008.

Name Position Forum Nickname IRC Nickname
Doug Roberts Chair Doug R. DougR
Kevin Member *Wiro Wiro
Brian Bruno Member Compay Compay
Marc de Groot Member
Evelyn Gonzales Member Evelyn Evelyn
Joshua Mathias Member Joshuamonkey Joshuamonkey
Collin Ryan (inactive) Member trexdino trexdino
Severine Member Severine Severine
Jolene Wong Member Torkess_theCommie theCommie

Some former members

For the most up to date staff listings, please check the Departments Overview].