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Object typeMusical Instruments
Skill usedManufacturing tools
Time7 day(s)
Materials900 grams of wood
120 grams of sinew
100 grams of nickel
Toolsstone, bronze or regular hammer
planer or bronze planer
wood saw
Rot and repair
Rot10 points per day
210 points per day of use
Repair200 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight1120 grams

Real-life context

The cello is a fairly large intrument sometimes compared to the violin as its giant self. The strings of the cello have much lower notes than the violin and is the second lowest in the common string intrument category next to the bass. It is played using a bow made from sturdy materials such as wood or metal, and is most commonly using horsehair to get the sound from the strings. Sinew can replace it in the Cantr world though. The bow is used by rubbing it against the strings of the cello. The strings are wires made from some sort of metal or sturdy material wrapped around itself. Cellos produce a good sound by having a hollow inside with certain holes where the sound is meant to come from.