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Please note that it is against game rules to post OOC messages on the radio.


Made inside buildings, land vehicles (vehicle radio transmitter), or small, medium or large ship cabin (ship radio transmitter).

A radio transmitter has a "use radio" button by it.

When you use this you can enter a message and set the frequency that you want it broadcast on. The message is then broadcast. Everyone in the same location sees you speaking into the radio.


Everyone in the same location as a receiver in range and set to listen to the transmitter's chosen frequency hears the message. The speaker and transmitter are not identified; the message is along the lines of "you hear a radio message 'Mary had a little Lamb.'"


Made inside buildings.

Re-broadcasts everything it receives on the frequency it's set on. Useful if communication is desired between remote locations that falls outside the range of a single radio.

Example: Repeater.png
Red and blue can't communicate directly, but with a repeater (white) it's possible.