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Role within the game

The Administrative Support Department is responsible for handling some specific elements of administration on behalf of the Game Administration Board.

The Personnel Officer is responsible for handling all staff applications, presenting the applicants to the Game Administration for approval. The Personnel Officer is also responsible for handling problems among the existing Cantr staff. Questions about becoming a staff member, or if you are a staff member and experience problems as such, should be directed first to the Personnel Officer.

The Finance Officer is responsible for the bookkeeping of Cantr and handling the game’s accounts. This includes handling donations and paying server upkeep.

Applying to this department

Game Administration, including the Administrative Support are recruited from existing staff and upon the initiative of the Game Administration Board. In other words, you can only be invited to these positions and applications will be ignored.

Current members

As of November 2017.

Name Position Forum Nickname IRC Nickname
Beep Chair BeepBeep Beep
Jos Elkink Finance Officer Jos Elkink Jos
Pilot Personnel Officer Pilot Pilot
Theda Personnel Officer Theda Theda

Some former members

For the most up to date staff listings, please check the Cantr Departments Overview