Wooden bowl

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Wooden bowl
Object typeTools
Skill usedManufacturing tools
Time1 day(s)
Materials150 grams of wood
Rot and repair
Rot10 points per day
49 points per day of use
Repair2000 points per hour
Holdable object
General properties
Weight150 grams

Mixing aioli (requires eggs, lemon juice, garlic)
preparing applesauce (requires apples)
Mixing couscous (requires sorghum flour)
Mixing fruit salad (requires pineapples, coconuts, papayas)
Mixing granola (requires barley, blueberries)
Mixing meat feed from rainbow trout (requires rainbow trout)
Mixing meat feed from salmon (requires salmon)
Mixing meat feed from pike (requires pike)
Mixing meat feed from meat (requires meat)
Mixing meat feed from cod (requires cod)
Mixing mint jelly (requires peppermint, sugar, lemons)
Mixing potato salad (requires potatoes, eggs, milk)
Making rice pudding (requires rice, sugar, milk)
Tossing salad (requires spinach, tomatoes, carrots)
Mixing sealing wax (requires wax mixture, bitumen)

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