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'''List of Basic Weapons'''
'''List of Basic Weapons'''
*[[Bone_Club|Bone Club]]
*[[bone club]]
*[[Bone_Knife|Bone Knife]]
*[[bone knife]]
*[[Primitive_Bow|Primitive Bow]]
*[[primitive bow]]
==Bladed Weapons==
==Bladed Weapons==

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The first thing you should know about weapons and protection is that Cantr II is not a "Hack and Slash" game. You can only attack an individual once per day. However, in any society, there are instances when violence is necessary.

Basic Weapons

Weapons that require no tools or machinery to make are ideal for newspawns.

In combat situation, basic weapons are usually (but not always) blocked by shields. However, even a basic weapon will increase the damage you do to animals and to people, if you bypass their shields.

List of Basic Weapons

Bladed Weapons

Most bladed weapons have two parts. To build the blade, you require an small sharpening block in the room, as well as a flatter, set hammer, peen hammer, and sledgehammer in your inventory while working on the project. The other part of the weapon varies widely; check each weapon for more information.

To attach the blade to the hilt or shaft, just start a project to build that weapon, and then add the required parts to the project. You'll need a peen hammer to attach the blade, and an anvil in the room.

List of Bladed Weapons


Bows require various parts in construction. You'll need to start a project for the bow you want, and add all of the required objects. Most are made of wood, and require tools like a knife, or a carving knife.

To create almost any bow you'll need a bowstring. This can be made out of practically any clothing material, or sinew in the case of the primitive bow. You'll need a twiner to create string, and then a string jig to create a bowstring.

To assemble any bow except the primitive one, you'll need a bow stringer in the room.

List of Bows

Other Ranged Weapons


The most effective shield you have will automatically be used in defending your character upon the event of you being attacked by another character or animal. Your shield has a potential to be effective, or not effect the damage at all. If your blocking is effective, you will block a random ammount of damage of their attack, based on the quality of your shield, your tiredness, strength, your skills, and the similar factors affecting the attacker.

It is possible for your shield blocking value to be higher than the damage that the attacker would have caused without blocking at all. So do not be alarmed if you block 30 percent damage from a bare fist!

Bone shields are a wise thing to build for a character without much access to anything. They can be created without the use of anything other than bones and a little hide. You'll need some small bones as well as some large bones, and a knife to construct it. Luckily, bone will do.

A buckler is an economic choice for decent protection against animals. They require a small amount of wood and hide, and a hammer to construct.

A wooden shield is ideal for young characters, as it does not take much refining to get. All you need to do is get 500 grams of wood, which can be gathered as a raw resource, unlike iron. While not quite as good as an iron shield, this will protect against almost all animal and newspawn-gone-crazy attacks.

A Scutum, by far the heaviest shield but not the best. It requires 1500 grams of wood and a carving knife. This shield takes 8 days to make and is a bit better then a wooden shield. If you have a limited supply of iron and want something better then a wooden shield, the Scutum is for you.

If you manage to kill a desert tortoise, their shells make excellent shields. Better than wood but not quite as good as iron. Of course, if you have a weapon that can kill a desert tortoise, you probably don't need a tortoiseshell shield.

A chitin shield is a rare item that is made from the shell of a scarab.

An iron shield is the best protection cantr has to offer. Only the biggest beasts of animals, and the strongest weapons can get through it. Certainly an essential for combat. Requires a hammer to make.

Targes are the most unique shield, as it has both offensive and defensive capabilities.


Certain tools, generally for their own specialized uses in manufacturing, can double as a weapon implement. These are usually poor in their effectiveness.

List of Tool Weapons