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To do list:


  • Books are complicated and deserve a comprehensive entry. There are many of them, requiring different materials to make.
    • initial entry made --Shaudawn (talk) 22:14, 11 March 2016 (UTC) It will probably need some work to make it look better, though.
  • Envelope: I can't believe there isn't something about envelopes. This must be remedied post haste!
  • The section on Notes (plural) is pretty sparse. Plus, there is an entirely separate entry called Note (singular). Maybe these two need to be merged or something.

Note Beautification

Though CSS may be outside of the scope of the game, the implementation of it in notes can be tricky, particularly since notes automatically get edited and will delete content if you don't now what you're doing, potentially breaking the note (for the creator). I believe that a tutorial or brief page showing how to create more beautiful notes and pages is in order.

Perhaps there can even be a mention about the CSS templates used in the game itself to modify the look of the game.


No, not in the game! Never ever break the cardinal rule or you'll go to that very special hell reserved for parents who let their children get sugared up and tease dogs, people who look directly at you while talking on their cell phone, and door-to-door sales associates who keep talking after you told them you don't want their damn cleaning solvent! I'm talking about the handy little cheat sheet for editing wiki pages:


Be nice, or I shall unleash Biin Hejj on you!

--Shaudawn (talk) 21:16, 11 March 2016 (UTC)