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Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts, a longtime player of Cantr II, originally starting the game in the 200 era. Anthony had quit the game, having been unaware to the fact of being able to have more than one character, and so left the game in boredom of his one character having achieved nothing in life.

Anthony made a comeback to Cantr II in the 700 era, quickly taking on a position within the Resources Department in order to help out with Cantarian Technology. Later down the road, Anthony had taken on a position within the Programming Department as well, and shortly after, the New Lands Department. Mr. Roberts also became, and still is, the Resources Department Chairperson.

Shortly after attaining Resources Chairperson position, he resigned from the Programming Department, to leave him with Resources, New Lands, and maintaining the Cantr II FAQ.

Anthony Roberts can always be contacted through messengers, in case assistance is needed.

AIM: SpazManTony777 MSN: hentailovingman@hotmail.com YIM: anthonyroberts_86