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Anthony Roberts, a past long-time player of Cantr II, originally started the game during the Day-200 era. Anthony had quit the game having been unaware to the fact of being able to have more than one character.

Anthony made a comeback to Cantr II later during the Day-700 era, eventually taking on a position within the Resources Department to assist with the development of Cantr II. After continued gameplay, Anthony had taken on additional positions within the Programming Department and the New Lands Department to further aid the development of the game. Under the guidance of then Resources Department Chair, Wim van de Griendt, Anthony took over the Chair position. Shortly after attaining Resources Department Chair, he resigned from the Programming Department to leave him with Resources, New Lands, and maintaining the Cantr II FAQ.

As of August 10th / 2005, Anthony became a member of the Game Administration Board.

Anthony later resigned from all departments and ceased playing Cantr II due to real-life commitments, however he maintains a friendship with several of the long-standing Cantr II players.