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Originally a copy/paste from a guide in-game...

ItemMaterials Req.Tools Req.DaysUses of object
3/4 axe300g wood
115g steel
Adze400g wood
150g stone
hammer1Used in making some furniture
Asparagus harvest knife130g steelpeen hammer, flatter, tongs3Most efficient tool for gathering asparagus
Axe400g wood, 150g Steelhammer1Gather: Wood
Pair of bellows750g wood, 500g LeatherNeedle, hammer, knife2Manufacturing steel (with smelting furnace
Big stone pot900g StoneChisel, Hammer3Cooking Meat (with small fire pit and fireplace
Bodkin50g Iron, 50g Wood1Manufacture: Hide Scraper & Apothecary Kit
Bow square15g Woodknife1Manufacture: bows
Brick mould380g StoneChisel, Hammer1Unknown
Broom500g Wood1.3Unknown
Iron carving knife40g Wood, 85g IronHammer1 Manufacture: Dough Roller, Wooden Bucket and Mallet
Bronze carving knife40g Wood, 85g BronzeHammer1Manufacture: Dough Roller, Wooden Bucket and Mallet
Iron chisel30g Wood, 100g Iron1Manufacture: Many items -- mostly furniture and weapons
Bronze chisel30g Wood, 10g Bronze1 Manufacture: Many items -- mostly furniture and weapons
Cooking stone250g Stone0.1Baking Pancakes (with small pit)
Crowbar215g SteelHammer2Breaking locks...
Doughroller200g WoodChisel, Hammer, Carving Knife1Making Pastry Dough (with kitchen table
Steel drawknife0.5Unknown. Requires Steel Drawknife Blade and Drawknife Handle (x2) to make.
Dung-fork500g Wood, 175g Iron1.2Gather: Potatoes, Carrots. Can also be used as a weapon
File50g Wood, 110g Steel2Manufacture: Oil Derrick, Needle and Scissors
Fishing pole300g Wood, 25g Iron1Unknown
Fishing spear125g Wood1Unknown
Steel flatter65g Wood, 45g SteelSledgehammer1Manufacture: Iron bucket, blades, hilts, dagger, and asparagus harvest knife
Bronze flatter65g Wood, 45g BronzeSledgehammer1Manufacture: Iron bucket, blades, hilts, dagger and asparagus harvest knife
Fork spanner2005 Iron, 25g rubber1.5Unknown
Steel froeHammer0.5Unknown. Requires Steel Froe Head and Small Wooden Shaft to make.
Froe clubAdze2Unknown. Requires Small Log to make.
Bone fur scraper80g Large Bones1Unknown
Gas valve80g IronHammer1Unknown
Hand glass grinder130g Iron, 150g Steel, 300g Stone5Unknown
Hammer65g Wood, 40g Stel1Manufacture: Many things - a very useful tool
Stone hammer65g Wood, 50g Stone2Manufacture: Many things - a very useful tool
Steel hatchet0.5Unknown. Requires Steel Hatchet Head and Small Wooden Shaft to make.
Hide scraper200g Wood, 100g Stone, 1005 IronHammer, Bodkin1Unknown
Improved wheelbarrow200g Wood, 500g Steel, 50g Iron, 100g RubberHammer, Screwdriver4Unknown
Knife30g Wood, 30g Steel2Manufacture: many items of many varieties. Gather: bananas, apples, grapes
Bone knife100g Small bones1Manufacture: Many items of many varieties. Gather: bananas, apples, grapes
Knitting needles25g Iron0.5Unknown
Wooden knitting needles100g Woodknife0.75Unknown
Makisu100g WoodMallet0.25Making Sushi (with kitchen table
Mallet150g woodCarving Knife1Manufacture: wooden bowl, rocking chair, small sharpening block and makisu
Needle10g IronFile1Manufacture: Futon, Apothecary Kit, pair of bellows, most clothes and some jewellery
Bone needle20g small bones1Manufacture: Futon, Apothecary Kit, pair of bellows, most clothes and some jewellery
Oil pump550g steel, 400g Iron, 75g rubberScrewdriver, hammer2.5Unknown
Steel peaveyHammer0.5Unknown. Requires Steel Peavey Head and Large Wooden Shaft to make.
Steel peen hammer65g Wood, 45g steelHammer1Manufacture: Many items - mostly weapons
Bronze peen hammer65g wood, 45g bronzeHammer1Manufacture: Many items - mostly weapons
Pickaxe400g wood, 150g steelHammer1Gather: Stone, diamonds, copper, nickel, zinc, coal
Pincers50g Iron, 15g steel1Manufacture: Many items - some vehicles
Planer50g wood, 25g iron, 10g steel,screwdriver, hammer2Manufacture: Many itmes - mostly furniture
Pliers50g iron, 15g steel1Unknown
Reamer100g steel, 10g cobalt3Unknown
Rubber tapping knife300g Steel1.5Gather: rubber, maple sap
Saw30g Iron, 70g Steel1.5Unknown
Scissors50g IronHammer, Screwdriver, File0.5Manufacture: Apothecary Kit, Futon, many clothes
Screwdriver60g Iron1Manufacture: many items -- almost all vehicles and many weapons, machines, etc -- Locks, especially.
Scythe260g Wood, 200g SteelHammer1.5Unknown (Gathering Wheat)
Seal120g iron, 25g nickel, 75g woodhammer, Chisel4Unknown
Server30g WoodKnife1Unknown
Steel set hammer65g wood, 40g steel1Manufacture: Dagger, hilts, blades
Bronze set hammer65g wood, 40g Bronze1Manufacture: dagger, hilts, blades
Shovel500g wood, 200g iron1Manufacture: Mudhole, small firepit, roads. Gather: Sand, spinach, onions, asparagus, clay, limestone
Sickle450g Wood, 250g Iron1Gather: Barley
Single jack80g Wood, 60g steelHammer1Unknown
Sledgehammer90g Wood, 80g Stone2Making many tools and weapons, and crushing hematite (with stone table)
Small stone pot300g stoneChisel, Hammer1Cooking Meat (with small fire pit and fire place
Small oil pump250g Steel, 250g iron, 50g rubberScrewdriver, hammer1.5Unknown
Soldering iron125g steel, 35g iron, 10g cobalt, 110g rubberHammer, screwdriver3.75Manufacture: Motocycle frames
Stick50g Wood0.5Manufacture: Primitive Bow
Stone ingot75g StoneHammer1Unknown
Stone pot500g StoneChisel, Hammer2Cooking Meat (with small fire place
Tongs155g IronHammer1.375Manufacture: Asparagus Harvest Knife
Wooden trowel50g Wood, 40g Iron1Manufacture: Many items - most buildings and some larger machines
Iron trowel110g Iron2.5Manufacture: Many items - most buildings and some larger machines
Walking stick450g woodknife, hammer2Unknown
Wheelbarrow800g wood, 50g iron, 50g rubberhammer2unknown
Whisk350g IronScrewdriver, Pincers, Hammer1Unknown
Wood saw80g Iron, 65g Wood2.25Unkown
Wooden bowl150g WoodChisel, Mallet1Making Sushi and pastry dough (with kitchen table) and baking cookies
Wrench150g Iron, 75g SteelScrewdriver, Hammer1Manufacture: Motorcycle frames and motorcycles and oil derrick