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Cantr Time revolves around a slightly different system than the real world: 20 days to a Cantr-year, 8 Cantr-hours per day, each of which is 36 Cantr-minutes long. The current Cantr-time can be found at the top of any player or character page, once you have logged in.

Cantr/Real-World time

One Cantr-day is equivalent to one real-world day. So, every three real-world hours will result in one Cantr-hour 'ticking over'. Each Cantr-minute is equivalent to five real-world minutes. Cantr-years are used only for role playing purposes and character ageing. In other words,

  • 1 Cantr Year = 20 Earth days
  • 1 Cantr Day = 1 Earth day
  • 1 Cantr Hour = 3 Earth Hours
  • 1 Cantr Minute = 5 Earth minutes
  • 1 Cantr Second = 5 Earth seconds

Time References

A Cantr-date is a daily-incrementing number. Time and dates are referred to in a format such as "1247-7". This indicates that it is the 7th hour of the 1247th day.

Reoccurring Events

Each Cantr-day begins at Cantr-hour zero which occurs at real-time 01:00 GMT. Each Cantr-hour then begins every three real-world hours, on the hour, thereafter (Cantr-hour 1 begins at 04:00 GMT, Cantr-hour 2 at 07:00 GMT, and so on).

Each day your character will auto-eat at approximately 5:00:00 Cantr-time (18:00 GMT). Tiredness resets during Hour 2 (9:00 GMT).

Progress on the projects in which your character is participating will occur each hour at approximately twelve Cantr-minutes past the Cantr-hour.

Character Age

Characters are born at age 20, and naturally grow older by one year every 20 days -- every Cantr year. Eventually characters will be able to die of old age (Source: Age and Talk:Age)